v380 - Triclops! - "Out Of Africa"

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Artist Name: Triclops!
Album Title: Out Of Africa
Virus #380
Sci-fi bristles with cautionary tales of gene-splicing and its freakish consequences, but in an Alternative Tentacles tome, "freakish" is a desirable trait. TRICLOPS!, is a result of SF Bay Area inter-band splicing featuring members of BOTTLES AND SKULLS and the LOWER FORTY-EIGHT fortified by personnel from AT stalwarts VICTIM'S FAMILY and FLESHIES. TRICLOPS! assaults the public with the best acid punk around today. Don't let their pedigree fool you: TRICLOPS! turns the dial down on the bellicose punk/hardcore you might expect, instead opting for meandering yet tension-filled psychedelic epics.  
The seven songs on Out of Africa, their first full-length, are reminiscent of the golden hits from the 1990's Touch and Go or Amphetamine Reptile catalogs, tweaked out on the exhilarating paranoia typical of America in the early aughts. Distorted vocals, oscillating bass lines, and jittery guitars form a nervous, seasick swath over the plodding drums. Songs unfurl into worlds of their own with byzantine lyrics--the lament of an Iraqi museum curator in one, an ode to the bot fly (a tropical parasite) in another--while the music explores variations in tone and urgency. Positive reviews followed their EP on Sick Room and picture-disc 7-inch on GSL; expect gushing praises for this fine morsel of acid punk-prog.