v412 - Triclops! - "Helpers On The Other Side"

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Artist Name: Triclops!
Album Title: Helpers On The Other Side
Virus #412
Adding some flourishes to the formula established on their debut Out Of Africa, Alternative Tentacles flagship band TRICLOPS! continues its assault on all pretenders to the punk/psych/prog throne! The sound on this album is varied, but the lazy writer might say its akin to FIREHOSE crossing streams with GOBLIN in an acid vat. There's even an acoustic bridge in With SARS, I'll ride the wind that sounds like a fever-warbled classic rock jammer.
TRICLOPS! is an acid punk version of avant-garde classical composition with cinematic textures, an absurdist soundscape replete with comedic relief that acknowledges its own pure ridiculousness. This career suicide/cult-accepted approach to exhibitionism finds kindred spirits in envelope-pushing, progress-obsessed minds like BUTTHOLE SURFERS, Slayer, David Lynch, Zappa, Heinlein, Timothy Leary and so on.