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  • v467 - Itchy-O - "Burn The Navigator"

v467 - Itchy-O - "Burn The Navigator"

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Artist Name: Itchy-O
Album Title: Burn The Navigator
Virus #467
This throbbing 32-piece band of masked chaos invites you to dissolve the performer/audience divide and melt into the bedlam. Denver's Itchy-O Marching Band (IOMB) is a percussion-centered electronic marching band and the mobile arm of the experimental film/music troupe Itchy-O. Itchy-O brings their sophisticated, savage sound of the sheer ecstasy of electronic instruments untethered and running free to Alternative Tentacles, home of the weird and unruly!
With a driving tribal drum corps complemented by an arsenal of special surround sound effects units (including synthesizers, theremin, vocoders, and several other hand held electronic devices), Itchy-O immerses you from every angle in an electric bog of music, ephemera and spectacle. Teaming up with Alternative Tentacles Records to release their debut LP "Burn The Navigator", Itchy-O provides the soundtrack to the end times, grand apocalyptic party that invites you to leave your world behind.
From the opening fireworks of "Orange Dev", to the explosive blasts of "Jaywalker", and the jungle calls of the "Dance of Anunnaki"; the reality-defying Itchy-O dares you to let go of all expectations. Tipsy meets Flat Earth Society from ex-members of Crash Worship and Extra Action Marching Band! No matter what music you like, LISTEN TO THIS NOW!