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v477 - The Silver Machine - "Standing On The Bare Ground"

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Artist Name: The Silver Machine
Album Title: Standing On The Bare Ground
Virus #477
The epoch of The Silver Machine began in 2012, from mystic visions seen by its female founders in Savannah, GA. The name of this cult of performers, and their mytho-futurist-intergalactic-shamanic doctrine, sound and aesthetic, are all derived from the infamous psychedelic-space rock band Hawkwind. Although Hawkwind were the original voyagers exploring this dimension of cosmic mythology, they were a harbinger of deeper insight. The Silver Machine travels sideways through time, along Hawkwind’s electric lines, calling forth ancient truths long forgotten, discovering new Zodiac signs. The heroines in this space odyssey reach even further, discovering new quantum territory with every enchanting harmony and guitar chord.
When listening to Standing On The Bare Ground, you are projected to an alternate realm. The all-female crooning sounds like the conjuring of spirits at a druidical fertility ritual. The synths tingle and amplify your senses, activating long-forgotten synapses of the mind, forcibly wrenching open the third eye of our collective consciousness. And the drums, forever charting their cosmic trajectory, carry the momentum, moving into the future and claiming it as the present, perpetually seeking the event horizon.
Standing On The Bare Ground is The Silver Machine’s debut album. Having kept their ancient cosmic knowledge a secret, only known by participants in their rituals of live performance for years, Silver Machine has finally found ground control with Alternative Tentacles Records. Personally endorsed by Jello Biafra, and the infamous Hawkwind voyager Miss Stacia, who calls the record, “a work of divine inspiration.â€