v486 - THE NOVEMBER 3 - "IFAR"

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Artist Name: THE NOVEMBER 3
Album Title: IFAR
Virus #486
IFAR, the debut by The November 3, fuses blazing punk rock, explosive profanity, and righteous patriotic rage.
Singer Billie O’Rights delivers a shocking but sweet partisan rant, complete with sugary ooh-la-la’s. She’s backed by Tom Pain’s incendiary guitars, with additional instruments and vocals by computer operator Pat Triotte and production guru Justice Ferrall.
The lead track, “I Fucked a Republican,” is two minutes of filthy, upbeat fun. There’s also a radio edit, though it’s mostly bleeps. The accompanying video, billed as “three emoji and the truth,” illustrates the song’s stunningly vulgar lyrics using simple, universal pictographs.
Legend has it, that Pat Triotte was baking blueberry muffins on a Saturday afternoon in late July – a quintessentially wholesome, all-American thing to do – when she had the idea for the song. Four hours later they had recorded “I Fucked A Republican", and reportedly the muffins were delicious.
Released in honor of the 2020 Republican National Convention, IFAR is a twisted call to get out and VOTE!