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v501 - Tsunami Bomb - "The Spine That Binds"

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Artist Name: Tsunami Bomb
Album Title: The Spine That Binds
Virus #501

The Spine That Binds marks the triumphant return of Tsunami Bomb, a Northern Californian punk band known for their high-energy performances and distinctive sound. Released on November 8th, 2019 the album is their first full-length release since "The Definitive Act" in 2004. The album showcases the band's evolution while maintaining the same signature sound that has captivated fans for decades. 

Blending melodic punk rock with elements of hardcore AND pop-punk, The Spine That Binds features the recorded debut of Kate Jacobi, whose powerful vocals soar over the driving bass lines of Dominic Davi, Andrew Pohl's dynamic guitar work (who also makes his recorded debut on this album), and the energetic drumming of Gabriel Lindeman. The return of the keyboards by co-founder Ooblette Sparks to the band adds a unique layer to the sound, enriching the texture and atmosphere of the whole album.

Key Tracks? Check out the hard hitting opener "Tidal" that addresses Tsunami Bomb's long awaited return. "The Hathors" that showcases the band's melodic prowess and lyrical depth. Standout tracks like "Sinkhole" and "Lullaby For The End Of The World" with their unforgettable hooks and encapsulation of the album's themes and musical diversity.  

The Spine That Binds has been critically acclaimed for it's cohesive sound, blending the band's classic style while still moving the band forward. Highlighting Jacobi's strong vocal performance and the seamless return of keyboardist Sparks, which returns Tsunami Bomb back to it's original and most unique form, while adding a fresh dimension to their music. 

The Spine That Binds is a testament to Tsunami Bomb's enduring appeal and the band's musical growth. Capturing the essence of their punk roots, while pushing their sound forward, making it a must listen for both longtime fans and new listeners. This album is not just a comeback; it's a powerful statement of resilience and unity in the face of adversity. 

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LP - Black Vinyl
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