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v510 - Jucifer - "Nazm"

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Artist Name: Jucifer
Album Title: Nazm
Virus #510

Fans of the band likely know they can expect surprises with each album, as well as recordings which differ drastically at times from their live sound. In this tradition نظم strays far from the brutal excess of a Jucifer show (and of their recent releases Futility and District of Dystopia) but, as with all Jucifer's recordings, the point is not to imply any static trait of the band but instead to bring to life a story they're telling. 

From Gazelle Amber Valentine: 
نظم (nazm) refers to a branch of urdu poetry, from ancient arabic origins. a nazm typically arranges its stanzas around a unifying theme, and is less regimented with regard to form and rhyme than related traditional poetry styles. shifting focus and form and narrators as it unfolds, this نظم tells stories about myself, the centuries-spanning line of women whose lives led to my existence, and about all the women of past, present and future who individually and collectively struggle/d to survive, reform, and reconcile a violent world. viewing our existences as ultimately isolated yet inextricably dependent on one another, نظم is for us all: for how we feel our connection through time and geographic space, and our overpowering longing to maintain it. for how we sing ancestors' spirits to inhabit us, and cherish or dream to step on lands they once knew with our own living feet. for how our hands build. for how our souls insist. for how our hearts break and break again, until our love is as tough and unmistakable as scar tissue. for how we suffer and thrive, how we learn until our wisdom compresses sorrows into diamonds and fury into strength. for how, against all, we continue; and for the chasms we leave once we've gone. 
هربت النساء حول الأرض رسم هذا الخط 

مع الاعتذار للمتحدثين الأصليين: لم أتمكن مطلقًا من تلقي التعليمات الصحيحة باللغة العربية وربما ارتكبت العديد من الأخطاء نتيجة لذلك. ومع ذلك ، مع العلم أنه إذا انتظرت التحدث بهذه اللغة الجميلة بطلاقة ، فسوف يستغرق الأمر سنوات قبل أن أتمكن من الغناء على هذا السجل ، فقد اخترت أن أخطئ. أتمنى بصدق أن تكون جهودي أكثر نجاحًا من الفشل ، وحيثما فشلت ، فقد ضحكت على الأقل.


(NPR All Songs Considered) "Beautifully deep music drawn from an ancient and ever-present bloodline, from one of the heaviest bands on Earth"
(Chicago Reader) "Jucifer's process makes every album a deeply personal offering that speaks to their dedication to create something new every time. The sonic landscapes Jucifer builds on نظم
sometimes sound like traditional music transformed by metallic space-rock technomancy and sometimes sound like middle eastern pop shaped out of a whirling vortex of energy"