v72 LARD - "Power Of Lard"

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Over 44 minutes of music by Jello Biafra and Ministry! Came out originally in 1989. Now available with limited color editions!

"Jello Biafra and Ministry teamed up for this slab of wax. The title track is great. Imagine Ministry playing thrash, that's what it is. "Hellfudge" sounds like Flipper meets Jerry Lee Lewis, the lyrics take a nice roundhouse power swing at Jimmy Swaggart. "Time to Melt" is a cool dirge/death rock type of song, but it's too fucking long (almost twenty-five minutes). Overall this record is really good and Biafra fans won't be disappointed." - (Thrashead, Flipside - Summer 1989)

"Whatta name. Upon first listening to this I was gripped with an indescribable emotion so intense that I shook. I'm positive that the emotion I felt had something to do with my interest in the lead singing guy Jello Biafra, being inspired by what's been done by the guys hand, what he went through, and what I went through in the few times that he and I have crossed paths. It was a rage, a joy, a sadness, a fear, a feeling of awe (c'mon everybody! all together now: AWWWWWWW!). It's as if this person bared his tortured, angry soul, exposing it as my own. And that's just the first song on this 3-song epic, the title track. As for "Hellfudge," well, we all knew what he had to say about ole Rev. Jims for Jesus. And unlike many self-proclaimed "Male-libbers" who have as much a tendency to blame the victim as the stereotypical Male-Bashing Feminist does, he actually displays pity fo do po ho (to be paid to fuck a priest would be enough to turn me off most permanently! Eeeeeeeeeeeeyyyeewwwww!). "Time To Melt," which takes up the entire second side, is where Biafra indulges in his 34 1/2-coming-of-Christ trip. Can ya blame him? He's not about to forget that it was him used as a guinea pig in a court case which proved to be, well, a big waste of his time and everyone else's tax money. Now, musically, this requires as much patience as a lot of you showed when we all sat through The Last Temptation of Christwithout so much as darting for the toilet right before the interesting parts begin. What's more, some might be turned off by the obvious messianic complex. But then on the other hand, there are people who are deeply affected by what some people can do or have to say. And I'm one of those people." - (Publication Unknown)

"Jello's first musical vinyl since the DKs, and you can sure tell it's him on the title track. He uses his inimitable vocal/lyrical style to good advantage, teaming up with Ministry's rhythm section to produce a Pailhead type rave like Ian did on their first release. "Hellfudge" takes a "Sex Bomb" riff and basic rock and roll approach, and makes it work, again with Biafra's commentary. "Time to Melt" takes up the whole side (1/2 hour) and is a painfully slow, atmospheric John Cale-type piece." - (TY, MRR - March, 1989)


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