The pre-orders for the brand new album by THE DARTS (US), "I Like You But Not Like That" are now available in our online store!

THE DARTS (US) have exploded onto the scene with a fiercely classic sound that invests deeply in late 60’s garage, incorporating tones of horror-punk and garage-psych. On their second album, â€œI Like You But Not Like That”THE DARTS hurtle through songs with the reckless abandon of a freight train about to run off the rails, while their calculated musicianship sets a seamless trajectory of grooving hooks and restless boogie back beats.
Slated for Friday, May 24th release to coincide with their Punk Rock Bowling debut in Las Vegas, NV, we are celebrating the sophomore release by releasing some special pre-order bundles for the album!
The first is a limited LP Bundle for $45 complete with the red vinyl pressing of "I Like You But Not Like That" LP, but with an exclusive poster, T-shirt, and record slipmat! Limited to 250 total, these pre-sale bundles will go fast, so get yours now!

The second, is a CD bundle, for those who love the era of the compact disc! For $30 get a CD copy of "I Like You Just Not Like That", an exclusive T-shirt and poster! Get yourself one here!

Finally, if you preorder an LP or CD copy of "I Like You But Not Like That", you get a free poster included! Get yours now!