We have an update for our longtime (and very patient) 7" Club members! 

First an apology, the "Punch" 7" should have been included with the Redshift 7" you just received. We are currently packing an Orange vinyl version of "Punch" to send out to all of you right now. 

This will be your 8th 7", we have 4 more on their way. 

Here is what has been sent out and announced so far. 

  1. DFMK "Dame Peligro" - May 2022
  2. Jucifer "Self-Titled" - August 2022
  3. Nomeansno "Dad/Revenge" - November 2022
  4. Wheelchair Sports Camp "Yes, I'm A Mess"  - March 2023
  5. Kultur Shock "King Country/Mohommed" - April 2023
  6. Sandrider “Aviary/Baleen” - November 2023
  7. Jello Biafra/Mojo Nixon “Will The Fetus Be Aborted” - in production
  8. Tumor Circus “Meathook Up My Rectum”- in production
  9. Red Shift “The Great Wall/Reed Mullin” - June 2024
  10. Patrick Fitzgerald & Motorpsycho with Jello Biafra “Punch” - June 2024
  11. Brujeria - "¡Machetazos!" - in production
  12. Coming soon - in production

It's important to mention that the four 7"s yet to come, including the one we have not announced yet are all in production. Those of you who are members of our Patreon are aware of what the last one will be. Another classic (and controversial) 7"s that have no been in print for a VERY long time, and never in the color-way we will be sending our club members. 

We have only held back a public announcement to help close the gap between opening up pre-orders and actual ship date. We will be announcing these last records soon.

That... will be that. 12 records as promised. Took us longer than we thought, but we are now on track so if you want to continue to get more 7"s from us, once the last two get shipped we encourage you to join or Patreon at the TENTACLE tier!

More soon... but until then, enjoy the incredible Redshift release, and enjoy the "Punch" 7"! Thank you for being a part of this experiment!