Just an update about the status of Nomeansno "Wrong" pre-orders!
As you have no doubt seen online many people have received their orders, but many people have not. The shipping of pre-orders is still very much ongoing. We appreciate everyone's patience as all of the orders are worked through, and we want to assure you that every pre-order will be filled.
We have been working with the pressing plant themselves in getting these orders sent out to directly to cut down on wait times, but there are still a great many orders left to fill. These will be shipped out in due time and all orders will of course be honored.
There also was some confusion as a result of some labels being generated for items that were not ready, especially in the case of multiple variants in the same order, leading to those orders not being shipped out after people received notification. While it wasn't a lot, enough people were concerned we wanted to address what happened there.  We apologize for this inconvenience but we assure you we are in constant communication with the pressing plant, and your order will be sent out as soon as possible.
We know it's been a long wait, and to say this release has been eagerly anticipated would be an understatement. When we started down the "pre-order" path for reissues we knew doing this at the beginning of the production cycle would make for long wait, and this album had it's fair share of unplanned delays that made it even worse. That kind of wait is a tough ask for people and we knew it. However, because we did this we now have more albums in production than we have had in years. We don't want that to be understated because it's been an extremely exciting time for this label. This is 100% thanks to your support and we can't thank you all enough. 

With projects with this many pre-orders, problems are bound to happen but we will do our very best to make sure we address them and get you your records. Orders are being sent out each day and won't stop until they are all sent out.
 For all mail-order concerns or questions please contact us at 
or call us at the mail-order hotline 510-596-8984. 
Again thank you all for your support and trust, we can't wait for you to get your records! We will post a pre-order status update next week to let everyone know where we are in the production process, but another batch of records are on track to be delivered soon! 

If you haven't ordered a copy of "Wrong" yet, get yours in our online store now!