Two of AT's most unique bands are preparing epic Hallowmas celebrations in New York and Denver respectively!

Most people don't recall that Halloween, or more correctly, All Hallow's Eve is the night before All Hallows Mass or Hallowmas. Also known as All Saints Day or Dia de Los Muertos, Hallowmas is a day dedicated to celebrate those who have died but not yet made their way to heaven.

How fitting that two of our favorite bands this Halloween celebrate their version of Hallowmas in their own fashion, and just to round it off...we have a bonus third show to recommend!  Where ever you are in the country, we have something for you this Halloween!

First up, those of you on the East Coast should make your way to the Warsaw in Brooklyn, NY to witness The World/Inferno Friendship Society celebrate their 21st Hallowmas! GET TICKETS HERE


If you are in the Midwest, we suggest you head to Denver, CO to join Itchy-O at the Summit as they ring in Hallowmas in their own unique style!


If you happen to be on the West Coast, you can join us in San Francisco, CA as we celebrate Halloween with The Darts as they open for The Damned at The Regency Ballroom on Halloween! GET TICKETS HERE