v358 - Fish Karma - "The Theory of Intelligent Design"

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Artist Name: Fish Karma
Album Title: The Theory of Intelligent Design
Virus #358
FISH KARMA is not a jam band--he's a person, representing the delicious dementia side of our label that gave you WESLEY WILLIS, BLOWFLY and the CRUCIFUCKS. Born, raised and infected in Tucson, AZ, FISH turned heads, blew minds and tickled funny bones with two previous albums on Mojo Nixon's Triple Nixon imprint, and more recently Lunch With The Devil. His songs feature his unique skewering of the dark side of Americana as mutated into the sun-damaged retirees, townies and pleasure-seekers only Arizona could create. Music is more basement rock than acoustic this time, recorded once again with FISH's longtime pal, Al Perry (of CATTLE fame). Now relocated to Texas, FISH once again provides badly needed relief from our increasingly Branch Davidian-like government and all those obnoxious, large, golden crosses shackled around puppet celebrity necks at the Grammy Awards. Kind of outsider, kind of blind-sider, with a barb or two at supply-siders, FISH KARMA's in the tent to enlighten and mangle your mind. Artwork by Winston Smith.