v379 - Zolar X - "X Marks The Spot"

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Artist Name: Zolar X
Album Title: X Marks The Spot
Virus #379
When we see words like "reunion" or "recently reformed," we tend to roll our eyes and pay no heed. So imagine our surprise when the reformed ZOLAR X wrote and performed some new songs that were seriously good, and fit snugly into their old oeuvre as heard in our ZOLAR X anthology Timeless. Jello calls ZOLAR X The missing link between CHROME and THE STOOGES. Rock Scene called them PINK FLOYD crossed with BLACK SABBATH; however you do the math, X Marks The Spot features all new songs that are the triumphant result of an intergalactic cross-pollination of glam, power pop, proto-punk and a little bit of metal-and, of course, some advanced space aesthetic. While their 1970's attempt at intergalactic conquest didn't quite consummate, ZOLAR X's tireless ambition and diligent songwriting efforts pay off in yet another stellar work. You got over the alien antennae and Spock haircuts and loved Timeless. It's time to get over the "reunion" label and get ready for X Marks The Spot!